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    Need help generating an Index in CS6




      We are updating a book that was originally created in CS4 some years ago, then moved into CS5 and now is in CS6. When I try to generate the index, the "Replace Index" box is greyed out. So for some reason, CS6 doesn't recognize the index as an index. Could this be due to converting from CS4 to CS5 and then to CS6, or if not, any other ideas why this is happening?



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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Do you have your Type tool in the Index text frame?

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            lekkerder Level 1

            If you mean: select the text tool, then click in the index text frame, yes.


            In the meantime, I found out what was wrong. In just one of the chapters of the book, the index entries with a subtopic all got somewhat corrupted by adding the topic to the subtopic line in this fashion:



            accidentscross-cultural handling of  301,311,313

            causes of  63,67,90,124


            whereas this should look like this:


            causes of  63,67,90,124

            cross-cultural handling of  301,311,313


            After I repaired all the index entries in the chapter in question, I was able to use the "replace" function when generating a new index.


            I suppose I'll leave this message here in case someone else has the same problem.