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    Question about Date picker


      Hi Guys,

      I realize there has been allot of discussions around this topic already, so I won`t want to re-hash anything,

      I need date pickeer for the project I am working, on, and I already have the Form Router one, which works ok on the computer, however the I am going to be using this pdf more on my iphone in an more mobile application, where allot of the fields including the date picker will be completed on the phone and either saved there or emailed to a computer completed.

      With the limited screen space on the iphone vs a 20 inch computer monitor the Form router date picker doesn`t work to well as you need to zoom in so much and pick your date and then zoon back out which gets anoying.

      As I really only need a more based text based date picker, I was wondering if anyone has a free Date picker that was more like the Iphone's scroll type menu system, or make use of that in some way. Where when you select the date field, the date selection window comes up from the bottom and lets you scroll month day, year, seperatly although its show as one date, kind of a casino slots type format as I am sure everyone is familiar with.

      I suppose you could put seperate drop down menu's in and select from a pre-defined list, but that would mean you would also have to find space for some text some where to lable each of the forums, which I don`t have space for.

      I have been looking for a while and I know there has been allot of discussions surrounding date pickers, but after looking I still haven`t found anything in this style yet that would work. Even if I could modify form routers date picker in some way that would acomplish this would be nice.

      Any thoughts are greatly apreciated,