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    GPU not rendering output file at all, but mercury engine selected to work...?


      Hi There,


      New proud owner of a PNY nVidia GTX 650 Ti, and after installing it Premiere gave me a "driver not supported" message.

      I closed it, and edited the supported cards list, and restarted it. No error at all.


      I made sure that the GPU rendering was selected, and tried to create a 720p youtube file using the same settings as my camera uses (29.97fps framerate, same resolution etc)


      this file took a while to produce, and my CPU was 100% in use the entire time, both cores.


      GPU-z showed a max 28% use but was rarely over 5%.


      I restarted the render this time using software, and it gave me the SAME TIME TO RENDER.


      So i am not using my GPU at all to render.


      What am I doing wrong? Please help me out. I got this card because according to all over the entire internet, these are the best entry level cards.

      So why support a 650m mobile i presume card, but not this one?