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    Needing help with Adobe Premiere Pro

    flcntaylor Level 1

      Yes, I know it is ancient but I still use it. I use it for my school's daily news broadcast. We capture our students as if they are presenting a live news program and then assemble in the timeline. We use a miniDV camcorder and firewire. Once we have all of the elements in the timeline, we then are able to play the timeline via the firewire (hooked to the camcorder) through the play/edit mode through a VCR out via coaxial cable to all of the classrooms in our school.


      My current problem is that I encountered an error while creating a movie. I have a preset that saves versions every 3 minutes. I tried opening each of them but it just keeps saying it's loading but that is it...nothing ever comes on the screen. I moved a title slide (in a folder outside of the project folder destination) right before I had decided to make the movie. I did get one version to open---finally but thought...well, let's try a later one...so I don't have to "recreate" everything I had just done....then none of them would open...not even the one I got open.


      Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a different way to do what I am doing using newer technology...please share.


      Finally, is there updates that maybe I need to download or something to continue to be able to use Premiere Pro???


      Please share any and all suggestions...desperate in Missouri