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    Need help with disappearing header row in tables


      Hey guys.


      I'm working on a large document with tables (annual report). I have set up table styles with header and body cell styles. When I apply the table style to a table, then convert the first row to header row, the entire header row disappears...!


      If I leave the row as body row and just apply the header cell style to it, it won't disappear. The row will only disappear if I convert it to header row in Indesign.


      I checked the Word doc I imported the text from, the first row of the tables is just normal body row.


      I dunno where to look so I have no idea how to fix this problem. It happens to all the tables. I was supplied this file. I don't particularly want to recreate the file. The original file was created in Creative Clouds and exported to idml for me as I have CS6.


      Has anyone experienced the same problem or know what's the solution? I really need help.


      Thanks in advance.