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    2 issues with CC. Not being able to save or undo + not able to open docs with CC on another computer


      Hi there,


      I have two constant issues with CC.


      The first is not being able to save document (particularly in InDesign). I have to export as IDML, reopen, and then save. If I force quit it does not recover the files. Why is this? And what can I do to change it?


      Similar to above - it also will not let me use Undo - either from shortcuts or menu bar.


      The other issues is that I have a subscription being used on two computers - one imac and one macbook pro. If I create a new file and save it on my Imac - when I try and open it on my Macbook Pro it says:


      " Cannot open "DocumentName.indd" because it was saved with a newer version of Adobe InDesign (CS7.1). You must use that version or later to open the file. To enable it to be opened in this version, choose Save As InDesign CS4 or later, or export to IDML"


      They both have updated CC operating on them. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?