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    Can you leave a computer on overnight?

    Ninjamo31 Level 1

      Hi, i have been recently having some trouble due to my family complaning that i am "ruining" my computer and it makes everything else "hotter" and since "i dont know anything" i can not tell them other wise. The reason they are complainIng is because i keep my computer on sometime for up to 3 days due to rendering. This is expected since the composition in after effects cs6 at the time had a lot of 3d aniamtions, motion tracking, ext. i would really appreciate if someone could give some reasons on why it is ok for a computer to stay on for a couple days. Thanks for all your help :)


      Some Computer specs for referance

      processor AMD ft(tm) 6120 six core   3.50 GHz

      10 gb ram

      All drivers up todate

      All programs closed when rendering and sufficent amount of ram/proccesor power allowed to after effects

      After effects cs6 updated to latest update

      Dont know my video card srry. Just assume its a ok one

      When its rendering if i put my hand on my computer it is barely "warm" -_-

      Good ventalation were my computer is. Right next to a open window.


      If you dont understand what im asking basiclly to some it up.

      Is it ok to leave your computer on for up to 3 days and why.. If u have any time of proffesional backround in tech,computers,editing ext please say you do!


      Sorry if this is a bother but my family gave me no choice.. They woudnt leave me alone unless i could prove this point.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have a desktop machine that has not been turned off or rebooted for more than 3 months. I have a laptop that has not been turned off, although it goes to sleep when you close the lid, for about a month. My desktop is always on because it is always working. I never turn my laptop off because I'm on it all day and it's charging (and sleeping) when I sleep.

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            SonicN2O Level 1

            OK, here are my specs:


            27" late 2012 iMac

            Quad core i7

            24 GB 160MHz RAM

            GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB graphics

            1 TB Fusion drive


            I usually run renders on my computer for days on end. When i'm working on a project I make sure that my computer doesn't have time to rest.


            Computers don't have duty cycles. You can run into overheating issues, but from the looks of your specs, that shouldn't be a problem. If your computer is creating lots of heat and that is bothering your family, then I guess they have a right to complain. But no, you are in no way ruining your computer. COMPUTERS HAVE NO DUTY CYCLE

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Actually, turning computers off and on again over and over is worse for them then leaving them on. Metal expands and contracts with changes in temperature. If it stays on and warm, there won't be much change. However if it's on hot and off cold over and over, you're more likely that the internal components will eventually break apart. That's a little dramaticly worded, but you understand my meaning. Rebooting every once in a while is good, but leaving the machine on is arguably better for it. I've never worked at a professional place where machines were turned off (except for a place that had some big Green initiative, but that ended up getting quashed).

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                SonicN2O Level 1

                I don't think that the heat inside a computer isn't enough for that to happen over the usual lifetime of a computer.

                Come to think of it, I NEVER turn my computer off. It's in my room, and I just put it to sleep at night.