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      Can I make a copy of an existing database?  I have a database of surveys and i want to make changes but also want to keep the originals intact in case I make a mistake with the changes.  Anyone know how/if i can do that?

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          This is a forum for Adobe FormsCentral product. If your question is about using FormsCentral, please clarify what's the database you refer here.




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            sperrot65 Level 1

            I created a survey in FormsCentral and have 467 replies.  I want to duplicate those replies so I can manipulate the information safely.  I believe a friend of mine did this, so I just need to know how...

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              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

              Just go to the View Responses and click on the "Save as Excel" button on the toolbar. You can then play with the data in Excel.

              You can also duplicate the form (and the data) from the My Forms dashboard. Select your form and look for the duplicate button in the toolbar. You can then play with the duplicate form and its data without affecting the original form.


              Hope this help