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      I have to write this ... this Adobe Digital Edition is Sooooo frustrating. I have been using a Kindle for at least 3 years now and I have to say, that that piece on equipment with the combination of the Amazon service works flawlessly. With my experience at least. Now with my other account (Archambault) that links its books with Adobe Digital Edition, well, let's just say that not only that it does not work as well, it barely works at all. I have a bunch of books, well not that many because I can barely get to read them, that I paid for, and that I can not really get access to it. Adobe need to realize that the limitations that they put on the authorization crap is severly limiting what users do in real life. I have 7 computers, 3 iPads, 4 Android tablets, 3 kindle and 2 Android phones in my house. I own all of those machines. Plus I have a work computer and a work smart phone. People are not just limited to one or two devices these days, and accidents happen with those devices. When I bought my first book on Archambault, I used my work computer to download it, because there was an issue with the Archambault My Books app, wo I authorized my work laptop. That computer has died and I got a new one. Well guess what, Adobe wants me to DE-AUTHORIZE that computer, well DUH ... show me how!!!! Adobe needs to fix this now, really. This is 2013, get with the program, get of the small bus. Stop penalizing the people that PAY for their stuff because you want bullet proof way of not having your stuff stolen. Well guess what, you reached your goal, I paid for my stuff and I cannot even get to it! No way someone going to steal it now!


      Get if fixed.