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    how to view JPEG in LR5


      I just loaded lr5 with the library on my HD, and all Raw and JPEG images show nicely in the library pane, but no JPEG image will open in the develop module.  The notice "THIS FOLDER COULD NOT BE FOUND" is displayed. (and yes, i checked the box in general preferences to view jpeg and raw as separate files).  Any suggestions for a fix??  thankyou.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I would like to help but don't quite understand.


          If the jpg is visible in the library, LR know where the folder and file are unless there has been a change.


          When you use the Folders pane to find a .jpg, is there a "?" displayed?

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            bcgail Level 1

            no, there was no "?" displayed, all looks normal...  but in  just the develop screen it was a big grey blank, and 'folder could not be found"....    in frustration last night i closed everything down and today simply re-booted the entire computer and my mystery is this morning i can see the jpeg.....   i may never know what caused the glitch...  is it therefore a good idea to re-boot the HD after making changes like adding LR5???  Does LR5 need that to properly interface with other files/folders on a HD??  it would help to know before i add LR to my ultrabook!!  thanks so much for being available to all of us 'beginners'!!  

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              Alec Molloy Employee Moderator



              If you have trouble with applications after installing it is usually a good idea to restart. If you continue to have problems after restarting however, that would be a reason to worry.

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                bcgail Level 1

                I'm getting this figured out!   a big thanks for being available with tips and reading other posts is very useful!  thanx again!