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    Movie Clip Function 'onRollOut' issue

      I'll try and describe this as best I can.

      I have a movie that contains two movie clips (back+imgScroll), which are both the size of the stage. When you roll over movieclip(back) movieclip(imgScroll) moves in and plays on a stopped frame.

      Within movieclip(imgScroll) are 4 buttons that link to web pages.

      However I wish for this movieclip(imgScroll) to animate out when the cursor leaves the clip/stage. To do this I added this script to the stopped frame within the root:

      this.imgScroll.onRollOut = function() {

      This works fine, however obviously the buttons within (imgScroll) are now disabled.

      This is one that looks like it could be solved in AS3 with a mouse_event however I'm stuck with AS2.

      Any ideas how I can solve this?

      If you need any more info let me know.