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    Downlevel stage png


      My Adobe Edge Animate project is being loaded into an LMS that prefers the assets be hosted on a different server. We can get all the animations working without a problem, but Edge is unable to find the path to the downlevel stage png. Our quick fix was to move the assets back on the same server as the course and it works fine. Does anyone know how to change the path, and in which file, so we can host the downlevel png along with the other assets on a cloud server?

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey dsafko,


          You can open xx_edgePreload.js and change the url of the preload image. Look for something like this towards the bottom of the file:


          Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.04.08 PM.png


          In this case, you would change the URL of 'images/Poster.png'



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