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    Running Header not properly linking to current chapter

    Buzz81 Level 1

      I'm having a weird issue.   I have a running header that is linked to the Heading 1 paragraph style.   I have a document where page 3 has 2 Heading 1 styles with text (the second one reads "2 Contact Person").   The next page (page 4) begins with a Heading 1 paragraph reading "3 Our Team."   The header on the top of that page properly says  "3 Our Team."  However, the next page (page 5), which is part of the same chapter, and the ensuing pages in the chapter, all say "2 Contact Person."  The header displays properly after that for all of other chapters.  What could be causing this and how do I fix it?  I ran a word search for "contact person" and it only shows on the table of contacts and page 3.


      Also, I added a new page after page 3 and cut and paste the Heading 1 paragraph for "2 Contact Person" there.   Now the headers work properly.   But, that's not a satisfactory solution because the header is supposed to look for the heading on the preceding page, not the one before that.   So, this doesnt explain the aberrant behavior.   And, I now have a lot of white space on page 2.  Uggh.


      Now, I deleted the new page, moved the H1 "2 Contact Person" back to page 2, and the cut and past the text under that heading in a new text box as unformatted text.  Presto!   Now it's working fine.   So, there must have been a strange code in the text box.  For future reference, what could have been going on?


      In in CS5.5 in Windows 8.