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    Extremely choppy video playback and response


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS5.5, on a Windows 7 64-bit computer, i5 CPU. I have an integrated Intel HD graphics card. Yes I know Intel HD sucks, but I'm not a professional video editor who absolutely needs the latest graphics cards for some super fancy editing. All I'm doing is editing some family videos. The playback is extremely laggy. Basically if I click the "play" button, the video won't start playback until like 10 or more seconds later, same thing with "stop" button. The playback itself is extremely laggy, usually less than 1 fps, sometimes completely stopping and skipping for like 10 or more seconds. The audio runs fine however, so I end up with a still image but playing audio. I already tried rendering the entire sequence but it doesn't help at all.

      I know the Intel HD is bad for playing 3D games but it can't be this bad for just editing video? I know Intel HD works with Premiere Pro because my friend's computer is also using Intel HD and there is very little lag on his machine. On the contrary, one of the machines I use at work has a 3rd gen i7 with the latest Nvidia card (don't remember the version number but I know it's one of the latest) and it often experiences choppiness too (but not as severe as mine). And I have an i5 core too which is above the system requirements. Is there some update to CS5.5 or Intel HD that I need to get? Or some settings in Premiere Pro I should tweak?