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    Recommend a quality development forum for development

    cxf02 Level 1
      ...where I can settle down and exchange code and ask questions for particular learning issues. For example, I'd like to use an accordion with a view stack in a clean implementation much like a button bar or application control bar where a data provider is used and it's a no brainier. I have search the web and found only one terse example from 2004 in Marco Casario's blog. Unfortunately, I can't figure it out since he uses custom containers and the whole thing gets too confusing without the code for those.

      Anyway, I'm sure there are many places to work from. I'm a Java guy with a great deal of past PowerBuilder experience (I taught in another life) and i have advanced in some areas of FLEX but need help in many others because there are gaps in my knowledge. I would appreciate any recommendations I receive.