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    Making a book in Photoshop Elements


      I read that Photoshop uses Shutterfly to print books; I am in New Zealand, do I have access to the same service as I couldn't find anywhere in Elements to do this?


      Secondly, my book pages start with a title page which I presume is for the inside. I want to print a cover for the book also, do I need to do this separately?

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          If you have a CREATE button in elements, then choose photobooks.  If you have a Shutterfly option, you will find it there.  If not, no problem.  On the Shutterfly website they provide blank templates for each size book.  Follow the templates to create your own pages.  They also provide templates for the cover, spine, and backcover.  Otherwise, you can use the Shutterfly serviceand upload your pictures to Shutterfly and create your book there.