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    Premiere Pro 5.5 + Black Magic Decklink Mini Monitor Issues


      I have been running Ppro 5.5 on a windows 7 x64 machinine without issues. However, I added a Black Magic Decklink mini monitor recently. I am having issues of time line stopping at certain native transition effects like cross disolve and premier freezing crashing to blue screen when using black magic Ppro presets.


      When I changed the render mode to 'Software only' things improved. However, still face freezing intermittently but frequency is much less.

      I also use ASIO4all audio driver to monitor, though when I use BM presets sound is played through HDMI.


      My configuration is as below:


      Processor: Intel quad core i7 2600 K @ 3.40 GZ

      Memory: 8 GB

      Display Card: Nvidia Quardo 2000d

      OS: Windows 7 Professional x64

      Edit Software: Adobe Production Premium CS 5.5 (PPro patch loaded)

      SSD 128 GB system hard drive

      2 TB Media Drive Internal

      Audio Interface: Mackie Tapco Firelink (not used when using Black Magic Ppro Presets)

      Audio Driver: ASIO4ALL (not used when using Black Magic Ppro Presets)


      Could any of you give some idea what could be wrong here?