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    Camera Raw

    doublefault59 Level 1

      I made an earlier post for appropriate camera raw download for Photoshop CS6 and Canon Rebel SL1.  Received a response from Form member ssprengel correctly suggesting ACR 8.1.  I downloaded camera raw 8.1 and when I attempted to open a raw file I received a message that I did not have the latest camera raw.  It provided a link http://www.adobe.com/go/kb407111 which suggested that camera raw 7.4 was the mimium ACR for my camera.  I downloaded 7.4 and received the same message.  I would appreciate suggestions. 

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          RASouthworth Level 3

          In the future please continue the original thread via reply, easier for forum members to find previous discussions.


          We meed more information:


          1. Did you download or update directly from the Help menu.

          2. If download you should extract from the zip file before invioking, and there is nothing in your posts to suggest you actually installed the download.

          3. System type?


          Richard Southworth

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It would probably have been better to reply to the original thread rather than start a new one, but since you did:  ACR 7.4 is the minimum ACR needed to process the SL1 images, but ACRF 8.1 will also work.


            In Photoshop, if you do Help / About Plug-ins… / Camera Raw… what version does it report?  Perhaps you’re not actually installing the ACR update you’ve downloaded.


            And in what situation are you receiving the message, are you just using File / Open in PS or are you doing something else, perhaps with Lightroom?

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              doublefault59 Level 1

              Sorry, I am new to this.  Thanks to both of you who responded.  I had never used photoshop help from my computer to update my software.  Although, the suggestion was right there in the first response.  I went to help this moringing and it updated all my Adobe software.  Just for the record, I am using Photoshop CS6, Mac 10.8.4.  So, I am good.  Thanks again.