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    Help with next upgrade



      64GB 1600MHz ram

      64GB ssd OS/Adobe, 128GB ssd Adobe cache/Adobe output

      Nvidia GTX560 cuda fix, ATI 7770

      Adobe Premiere CS6 - cloud


      Project - typical large project

      h.264 AVCHD footage

      32 clips ranging from 2-4GB

      2 clips with warp stabalizer

      10 minute output video

      4-30% cpu usage


      Most my work doesn't require much After Effect, but i might be doing more soon.


      Ram usage peaks at around 49 GB then settles to 24 GB and back up. When I render through the export option in Premiere. I sometimes have freezes and crashes. When I que it through Media Encoder it gives much less frequent errors and runs pretty smooth.


      I'm intrested in where my next upgrade would gain the most benefit from. I'm thinking it would be a ssd raid or gpu. I'd appreciate any input though.