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    About Help image does not appear

    dm_gpc Level 1
      RoboHelp X5.2 Webhelp output

      A logo created as a jpg to be used as an About Help button will only appear when compiled on my hard drive.

      I got rid of the powered by Robohelp button and created a company image in jpg format for the About Help button.
      In my project I double-clicked on the skin, and then the About Button, selected the jpg for the About Button image, selected a gif to use in the About Help dialog box, added company information, company name, etc.

      Part of skin code ----------------
      <toolbaritem mode="Logo Mode" type="built-in-logo" id="7">

      I compiled to my local drive. Everything works. The jpg logo appears on the top right-hand side, and when you click on it, the About Help dialog box opens with the gif image and other information.

      However, the development team compiled the help along with the application to one of their test boxes. The jpg image does not appear. Instead, a small white box with a red x and the words About Help appears. When you click on this the About Help dialog box opens with all the correct information including the gif image.

      Both images reside in the skin folder on my hard drive. When I compile the project they reside in the main folder with all the htm files and js files.

      Not sure how to resolve this.