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    baffled! Can't find photos on new account


      I have uploaded and filed loads of images on the app on my ipad. I have paid monthly to subscribe. yet they aren't on the website when I log in, it's empty!!




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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          The account using the email you use on this forum was created by you only 8 hours ago. It is also not currently showing as a paid account.  If you had migrated files, they went to an account registered with a different email. Do you have a different email that you used to login to photoshop.com?


          Do you have a receipt fodr the purchcase of revel premium? From that I can lookup what is going on. I will send you an email so you do not have to put any private information on the forum.



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            Pattie F Employee Moderator



            I am glad we were able to find your premium account with all your photos in your other email.


            For other user's benefit, I will note here on the forum that the email you use for your itunes account is not necessarily same email used for your revel account. If you have more than one Revel account, be sure to login to the specific one you want to upgrade first. Then upgrade. You will get the nofitication from apple itunes in whatever email you login to the app store with.The Revel account upgraded will be the one you were logged into when you chose to upgrade.



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