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    Older version incompability question

    Benjamin van Slooten

      Hey people!


      I was hoping to get some help with the following question:


      I'm helping my sister launching her own wordpress (org) website. So I've been looking for nice templates on the web and have found some that suits the job. One template in particular would be cool for her, and one of the advantages of this template is that it comes with the .psd template file. The only problem is that the .psd file is designed in CS5 and not fully suitable for CS2 (the version that I use). When I open it in CS2 it tells me 'Uknown data has been encountered reading layer "...." and will be discarded'.


      Now here is the thing that I need to know:


      - Does the incompatibility between these two versions apply only to the graphic differences between CS2 and CS5? Or will it also affect the scripting of the slices that are made in CS5? That's an important issue for me, because I don't have any scripting or programming skills. So if any of the code would be lost in editing the .psd template in CS2, I would be lost too.


      I hope you can help me with this! Would be great.


      God bless,


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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you get the unknown data warning, what usually means that if there are smart objects or other layers that have features not included with your current Photoshop, those layers will be rasterized.  I don't know how that would affect the templates you have, but they may not work if they rely on Smart Objects to replace content.  Same with the scripts.  If a script is written for a newer version of PS, it will throw an exception (fail) if it encounters code that will not work in older versions.  If you don't want to subscribe to the cloud, I would strongly suggest you upgrade to CS6.

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            Benjamin van Slooten Level 1

            Hey Csuebele!


            Thanks alot for your answer. I guess it wouldn't be wise then to risk buying the template with .PSD file if the script might not work, because the publisher doesn't have any refund policy.


            The alternative would be to buy a new CS license then, because I don't think that there is an upgrade available from CS2-CS6.


            Thanks for all the help!