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    Mouse cursor in Indesign CC


      Hello, I have a problems with using mouse in Indesign CC. I am using Indesign many years ago (CS1, 2 etc.) but I never hit this problem before. When I pres ctrl+space for zoom via mouse, the cursor always disappeared, so I can't select the place for zooming. Next problem is when I printing document. I am using always print to pdf (2400DPI/350lpi/CMYK) and during print, the mouse pointer is very, but very slowly. I am using three monitors and move cursor from left to right can takes aprox. 2-3 seconds. And last problem. When I can select whole paragraph by 3x mouse click, nothing happened for first try. Then if I move mouse cursor for some pixels on the screen, all works. Do you see the same problems? I am using PC (i7 processor, 16GB of memory), Indesign CC 64bit (czech language), so I don't expect any problem with PC performance. Indesign cs6 which I am using in parallel doesn't have any problem with mouse cursor. Thx for any idea how to solve it... Ilja