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    Multicam Editing in Premiere cs6 Issue




      I have weird a problem while editing in multicam sequence.

      I will try to specify this:


      when I am start  editing,  its working fine, the problem start when the sequence is larg (over an hour)


      when I am getting to 30 minutes and more, and I have to stop (to fix the editing)

      I am rolling the cti back a few second and press the spacebar and premiere response

      very slowly until it starts recording, and it wont scroll back and forward (while scrubbing the cti)


      and it's getting worse as long as am going further.

      the response time is very long when I approaching the 01:00:00:00.


      in 01:50:00:00 it's taking her between 20 or 30 second to respond.

      in the cs3 I didn't have this problem.


      I will be glad to hear if there anyone that have experienced the same problem

      or maybe someone have another solution for this kind of  a bug.