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    Moving without a title bar

      My projector (authored in DMX 2004) has no title bar but I'd like it to be moveable (or draggable) by the user.

      There's a thread from last year that includes two links describing how to do this but unfortunately they seem to be dead. Can anyone help with some current info?

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          Level 7
          First you need to define the area that you want to be draggable. I
          generally use a quickdraw shape, but you can use a bitmap also if you
          want. Put it on the stage and size it as you want. Make sure that that
          member is not used anywhere else in the project, and make sure the
          sprite is on every frame (unless you have some frames that should not be

          Then click somewhere on the stage that is not on a sprite. In the
          Property Inspector, go to the Display Template tab. Just under the
          place where you set the titlebar to be visible is "Appearance Options".

          The 2nd option there is Drag Mask. From that dropdown, choose the
          member that you placed on the stage to be draggable.

          Publish the projector and there you go!
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            Shellgrip Level 1
            Thanks Mike. I actually discovered it myself about 10 minutes after posting (which always seems to happen to me!)

            I have to say that it appears to work for me without the cast member being anywhere on the score. I just have my "drag_mask.png" file in the cast and refer to it from the movie properties as you explain.

            Don't really care - it works and I'm happy! Thanks again.