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    Automatic Number Generator




      Im new to Live Cycle, I have made up a form that I am trialling in the early stages of the field engineers going paperless.


      The current problem that I need to over come is being able to generate a new job number each time the template sheet is opened.


      I would like to open the sheet, it is then allocated the number 001 for example. Save as, then when you open the document again it is allocated the number 002, 003, 004 and so on.


      Can anyone assist in how I could do such a thing.

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          khulbeP Level 1


          Can you please eloborate the requirment.

          Each time you submit a form a unique process id is genertaed that can be used for numbering the process. You can use the same number but it might not follow the continous series like 101,102,103 and depends which process id(number) is  generated.

          The another way is to create a sequence in custom database and allocate the number thus generated to a form while it is loaded/open in workspace using data connection. This will generate a continous series of number as required.



          Prashant K

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            CR989 Level 1

            To set the context, We currently use paper sheets and fill each sheet out once a job has been completed, This sheet has a unique number.


            So now i want to introduce an ipad into the business. I have created a copy of the paper job sheet in digital format using Livecycle.


            So I would like to know is it possible that when the digital job sheet is opened and before saved it is allocated a unique number that easily identifies that sheet as it would if it was a piece of paper with a number printed.


            I was thinking is it possible to gave a Microsoft excel document with a list of numbers and each time the form is opened it picks the next number in the list?


            How would I go about creating a custom database to do this?