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    Alternative to Motion tracking?

    Scott Constructor Group

      I need an effects mask to move across the screen following/covering an object in my clip.

      I know that motion tracking has been disabled in  Premiere Elements 11, so can it be done? and if so how please?


      I need to hide a company logo on a truck that moves accross my screen so either by adding a shape and having it move from A to B in a certain time would be good, or an effects mask the correct shape and brightness reduced as low as possible to be black and over the top of the logo (this I can do, but how do I get it to move with time?)


      many thanks for any help

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can keyframe the positions of the corners of Effects Mask to follow your censored object around the video frame.


          Just open the Applied Effects for your clip, select Mask, then click the Show Keyframes (stop watch) button on the upper right of the panel and create your keyframed animation.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Scott Constructor Group


            Apparently my earlier reply to your question got lost in one of the duplicate threads that got closed by the moderator. So, here is a copy/paste of what I wrote since the moderator left the thread that we are in now as the only non closed of the other threads.


            Scott Constructor Group


            There seems to be more moving around posts and threads here than details.


            Premiere Elements Forum is essentially a user to user forum not priviledged to have such information about why how Adobe picks and selects its features for a version. There is an Adobe Feature Request/Bug Forum that you might want to investigate in this regard.



            For whatever reason, there is no Motion Tracking feature in Premiere Elements 11.


            What do you want to do? Blur someone out? Have an object follow another object? Other? Use of the Effects Mask plus some keyframing of the Mask's Motion/Position property might work for you. Or just some keyframing of the Motion/Position property. Are you dealing with video or stills in this task?


            Please supply more details in this specific thread and we will try to work with you to get the wanted effect, using a workaround for the Motion Tracking feature of earlier versions. Even that had its issues.





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              Scott Constructor Group Level 1



              this worked thanks.


              it took a little while to work out how to get to the stop watch and then to do each frame - a little jerky, but with some practice this will work.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Awesome news, Scott! Thanks for reporting back.


                Can you mark this question as answered? Thanks!