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    Crash on Launch


      and windows 8. every time I try launch up premiere pro cc, an error pops up saying " a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."


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          Jim_Simon Level 9

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            Hi TonsofFun,


            I was expereincing the exact same problem. I had just bought a new ASUS machine, with a good graphics card, great memory ect. I was on the adobe live help chat with tech support for hours, to no avail. We tried changing the extension name, runing as an admin, clearing the %temp% folder, updating drivers. All of that stuff.


            Then I removed windows 8 and installed 7 and presto! No problems. Make sure you install windows 7 64 bit or else you wont be able to download premiere. Installing 7 was kind of a pain because I had to find all the drivers for my ethernet and graphics card, however, premiere works now.


            I think the issue is with Windows 8. And I don't know about you, but Windows 8 was really just a massive pain, and seemed to be all about adverstiments. No one needs that. We need a platform that works. So I ay ditch it.


            Hope that helps,



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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              I've been running Premiere Pro, both CS6 and CC, on Windows 8 since summer of 2012 without any issues.  It's more likely the new install, not the version of operating system, is what cleared up the issue.