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    DVD start menus and books for beginners


      I would like to make a custom start menu using a jpg graphic and my own music.  It would just have 2 options start video and scene selection.


      I was fumbling around with PE11 yesterday and did it by accident.  I added the picture and then added the audio with drag and drop....but when I tried to do it again, I could not remember what I selected.


      Also is there a good book for beginners?




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Have you seen

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WS09e4b3c48f3a79fc19b622510385d4355c-7e 0c.html


          Could you clarify what you want to do?


          Do you want to customize a Movie Menu that came with Premiere Elements 11, using the drop zones in the Movie Menu creation area or are you seeking to create a new Movie Menu from scratch? For the later, you need Photoshop CS for higher.


          If you get lost in your workflow steps, you can always click "Reset" in the Movie Menu section and then continue with what you want.


          The typical customization areas include

          Menu Background - Video or Still as well as Audio (30 sec max with automatic looping)

          On screen editing text and moving around buttons.


          If you need more buttons than the menu provides that you have to consider editing the .psd file for the main and scene menu which requires Photoshop or a Photoshop Elements version/computer system that will open the Photoshop Layer Sets of those .psd files.


          What are the problems that you are having using the "typical customization" within the Movie Menu section.


          More later.



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            MHairell Level 1

            Yes, I have looked at that link and watched some videos as well.  I can customize a template if I knew which one would work best for this graphic....




            This is the image....Then would just need a play video and scene selection....and an option to add personal music during this screen. 


            I tried to use the extreme sports menu....it looked awful and the colors were all wrong.....

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              How many scene markers do you have on the Expert workspace Timeline?


              Is this strictly Play All/Scene Selection for Main Menu and Scene Buttons on the Scene Selection page?


              I think that I have 1/2 the issue resolved with the minimal amount of work. Let us see.





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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Meantime, please do check out my book, if you're looking for easy, step by step instructions for pretty much every tool in the program.



                The books are available on the Muvipix site and at Amazon.com.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Pending further information, this is what I came up with using

                  Premiere Elements 11 Windows


                  and its matrix_pal_s_mm.psd (for main menu) and its matrix_pal_s_sm.psd (for scene menu)


                  My Photoshop Elements is presently not allowing me to open the Photoshop Layer Sets in the .psd files, so I picked the above theme so I could get around having to do that.


                  This is the first try result

                  Main Menu....


                  Scene Menu


                  I tried it out in a DVD-VIDEO standard on DVD, and it did not look that bad.


                  My advice is to look at the theme as is to see what it is all about, and, if interested in getting a look like above, I will give you the step by step. But, you will need Photoshop Elements or Photoshop for the background exchanges. I did not find a theme where I could get a clean enough background replacement with just the customization within the Movie Theme section of the program. Again, Photoshop Elements that will not open the Layers Sets is OK in this instance since we are not opening any Layers Sets, we are just replacing backgrounds at the .psd level rather than within the project.


                  If interested, I will post further details which should be quick and easy to follow.