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    "selected" attribute of Checkbox not working inside a Repeater

    Tilles80 Level 1

      hi guys,


      I'm trying to create some checkboxes, using Repeater and XML, but they all appear selected, no matter what I put in the XML attribute "selected".
      Here's the sample code:


      <mx:HBox x="72" y="70" width="200" height="200">

                               <mx:Repeater id="repeat_chk" dataProvider="{myXML}">

               <mx:CheckBox id="chks" x="136" y="93" label="{repeat_chk.currentItem.@name}" selected="{Boolean(repeat_chk.currentItem.@selected)}" />




      The labels are showing ok, but checkboxes are always selected.

      Anyone has run into this already?