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    Side by side layout


      I'm trying to create a form with some side by side forms, but can't seem to find this option.....

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Hi;  This is something you can do, there are a handful of ways to get fields next to each other.  There are a few field types that can't be placed in a side by side layout such as the Ratings Scale and Attachment fields.


          When you have a field selected there is a "+" sign to the right of the field that will bring up a vertical form field toolbar, selecting a field from there will add that field adjacent to the selected field.


          You can drag/drop fields into rows next to each other, click and drag on the far left side of a field and move your mouse up/down to the row you want the field in and then to the right if you want the field on the right side of the existing field.


          Right click on a field and select "Insert item beside" and again this will bring up a vertical toolbar to select the form field from.


          There is more information in the Help docs in the "Side by side layout" section:  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/formscentral/using/WSd789abd336388b1642c7fce012da94afe4f-8000. html#WS650ad25eb41d10fc49da303c13bf81f328f-8000