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    PP CS7 does not see Sony M2TS timecode.

    TXSUSFILMS Level 1

      Is anyone frustrated that Adobe does not read the timecode of M2TS files?

      I have footage shot with the Sony NX70. When the footage is managed via the Sony Content Management Utility the files become m2ts and PP will not see the timecode. However PP does see the timecode of the native mts files without a problem. One would say just blow off using the Sony Content Management Utility but this has disadvantages of its own. Sony Content Management is useful in many ways. It groups spanned mts files into contigous clips plus it manages the GPS metadata. Why Adobe will not at least read the timecode metadata found in the cmuprops files is puzzeling to me. Any workarounds?

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi TXSUSFILMS,

          Don't think you need the Sony app.


          If you import via the Media Browser, your spanned clips will be intact. The Project panel can accept GPS metadata too. Enable the schema in the Metadata Display in the Project panel. See if that works for you.




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            TXSUSFILMS Level 1

            Kevin, Thanks! Great info. Works perfectly. But I do not always have access to the SD cards. A lot of footage is given to me in the m2ts format. It sure would be sweet of Adobe to also import the m2ts metadata along with the file. Also the Sony app gives each clip a unique name which prevents inadvertently overwriting clips on the harddrive.  I am no fan of the clunky Sony app but it is part of the workflow whether we like it or not.