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    Director in Web

      I have 3 .dcr files and I put two .dcr files in dswmedia folder.

      The first dcr file directly in the web page (index.html within embed tags)

      When I open index page the first .dcr file plays nicely. but from the link of it, when I try to go for second or 3rd .dcr file it gives error message that file can not be found.

      But there is one .dcr file which contains .swf file which appears ok inside the first .dcr file in the index.html page.

      How can I solve the problem. When I try to refer other files with relative paths(using @/ sign in .dir file) it also doesn't solve the problem.
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          How are you linking one DCR to another?

          If you're using
          go to movie "movieName"
          then this wont work. Instead use:
          gotoNetMovie the moviePath & "moviename.dcr"

          Make sure you include the '.dcr' part. When testing this in Director, you'll be
          able to see DIRs linking, when when you use .dcr.

          By the way, you will need a dswmedia folder when testing DCRs locally if they have
          externally linked content (like the swf) but you don't need this folder name when
          you put the files onto a website.


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