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    Unable to Drag from Source to Timeline

    PhotogCda Level 1

      New PPro user coming from Sony Vegas.  As arcane as Vegas is, it is downright user friendly compared to PProCC. 


      Trying to create a timelapse clip.  Any vids I've looked at on YouTube are for previous versions and the workflow seems to have changed.  On those vids, once you name a new project and click Open, another screen opens with all of the media choices.  Now, the only choices are HDV or DV and then the program just opens onto the workspace.  Maybe that's a Preferences thing?


      I've set my framerate in the Preferences to 24fps.  That was easy.  I've imported a sequence of 158 images.  I've got the imported sequence sitting in the project media window.  I cannot drag it into the timeline.  It won't go.  I can drag it into the Source window.  I can play it in the Source window.  I can't drag it to the timeline.  I can render it out from the Source window, but that doesn't allow for any other editing.


      Assistance appreciated.  Thanks.

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