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    How do I turn an overcast white sky to blue in Elements 11 (no Magic Wand tool)?


      Just returned from Rio.  Have great pic of Christ Of The Andes.  Huge statue in foreground (gray color), and all white sky in background because of overcast day.  I want to change the sky color from white to blue.  Formerly, in Elements 4, I could do it easily with the Magic Wand tool.  I recently upgraded to Elements 11 and, to my shock, find there is no Magic Wand tool.  I am running Windows 7.  I tried the Brush tool and, while it selects the correct area, I can't get it to insert the blue color.  It is not a choice of color offered.  Only gray.  I also tried via a new layer, but could not get that to work either.  Please help.