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    DVCPROHD Quicktime Footage and Adobe Premiere CC (Windows)


      Hi All,


      I've come across a problem today and I was hoping some of you may have some ideas to help me fix it.


      I have a project, a feature length film, that was edited years ago using Final Cut Pro 6 on an old Power Mac G5, my old editing machine.


      In Fall of 2010, I made the switch to PC and in Spring of 2012 to the Adobe Creative Cloud.


      Last summer, I was asked to produce some additional DVDs of the film. I did so by taking the master Quicktime File Export (A 30 gig DVCPro HD Quicktime File) and bringing it into Adobe Premiere CS5.5.From there I was able to export to mpeg2 DVDs very quickly by utilizing the Adobe Media Encoder. Shortly thereafter, I updated to CS6 and the Creative Cloud.


      I received another request today to upload the film to my vimeo account. I went to open the project file in Adobe Premiere CC. After updating the project file, the timeline opens, however, the footage is completely "Whited" out. I've tried numerous techniques including updating my NVIDIA Drivers, Quicktime components, using both CUDA and Software Mercury playback, etc. Nothing seems to work.


      I've never had difficulty opening DVCProHD in a Quicktime wrapper before. Is this an issue new to Adobe Premiere CC? Does anyone have any solutions.


      Quick Specs on my system:


      Adobe Premiere CC

      Windows 7 64 Ultimate

      24 Gigs Ram

      NVIDIA Gefore 9800 GT (utilizing CUDA hack)

      Intel Core i7 950


      THanks in advance for any help.