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    Problem installing Flash


      I am having three problems with Adobe Flash and would like some assistance in resolving them.


      1)  Problem number ONE:  Several months ago installing an antivirus program broke my Internet Explorer.  All attempts to fix or upgrade IE have failed.  Nothing short of a reinstall of Windows is likely to fix this, and I do not intend to undertake a Windows reinstall at the present time.  But whenever Flash wants to upgrade itself it insists on launching IE, which, as it always fails to load, leaves me unable to automatically update Flash. 


      2)  Problem number TWO:  In order to install the latest version of Adobe Flash I went to the page called "Install a Different Version of Adobe" and downloaded the version designated for Windows XP for "Flash Player 11 for other browsers".


      The first time I downloaded it and double-clicked on it a window popped up saying the file was corrupt or something of that sort.  I then downloaded it a second time, allowing my download manager to overwrite the first copy.  When I double-clicked on it the file simply vanished off my desktop.  Pooff!  When I went into my download manager and told it to open the containing folder it said, "File does not exist or has been moved."  I then performed a search for the file named "install_flashplayer11x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe" downloaded from http://aihdownload.adobe.com/bin/live/install_flashplayer11x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe and found three copies of it in C:\Documents and Settings\PC User\Local Settings\Temp, but double-clicking on it appears to do nothing and when I go to the Adobe site to check which version I have installed it still says, "Sorry, your computer does not have the latest Flash Player installed. Please go to step 2.  (Your version:11.7.700.224 Latest Version:11.8.800.94)."  I now have FOUR copies of the above mentioned file in C:\Documents and Settings\PC User\Local Settings\Temp, all having vanished off my desktop each time I double-clicked on them.  If I copy the file and move it back to my desktop it simply vanishes again each time I double-click it.  It refuses to open and let me run it as per instructions on your web site.


      3)  Problem number THREE:  Because I have a dial up Internet connection I rarely attempt to view YouTube videos.  However recently I downloaded and installed a new download manager with a built-in accelerator which lets me save YouTube videos to my hard drive and convert them to my preferred video format.  I have downloaded and saved a total of three YouTube videos and each and every one of them has NO SOUND!  I've googled the problem and found dozens of posts complaining about the same problem with downloaded videos, but have found no definitive solution.  I was excited with the prospect of finally being able to view some of the YouTube links I frequently receive from my friends, only to be stymied with having so sound.


      At this point I am an extremely unhappy camper.  Please help.




      P.S.:  By the way, as I mentioned, I'm on a dial up connection and for four days have been fruitlessly trying to create an account at your web site.  In spite of dozens of tries the "Create an Account" button would not load.  Finally had to go to a friend's hour to sign up for an account and post this.