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    Critique my newbie PC build?

    wondtacular Level 1



      I'm using PP CC & AE together, and will often have PS & Audition open at the same time, working on HD edits of varying codecs, a lot of mixed-format projects with a lot of tracks.


      What do you think of this build? I've read the tweakers page on balanced systems several times but I am not sure how to apply it practically. Does anything here jump out as too weak or too much?


      I get a lot of projects on massive external drives, and I'm hating life running PP off an external drive. I hope having 3 TB as my "current project dumping ground", and then the 1 TB for scratch & render files, will help. And then the SSD as the boot, applications drive.


      What about RAID, and do I need that and/or will it work with these HDs? I've read that article too but frankly . . . flies over my head. I'm at the point where I just want to be told what do with that.


      Thanks in advance!