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    Apply Conditional Build tag to Browse Sequence

      Hi Everyone-
      I'm trying to control 6 conditional builds in one project. I have 6 working indexes and TOCs using build tags. I was wondering if there was a way to apply tags or somehow conditionalize the browse sequences. I'm running RH7.
      Thanks in advance!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi WendyCh

          If you apply build tags at the topic level, the entire topic should be excluded from the build. This would also affect Browse Sequences. Would this not accomplish your goal?

          Cheers... Rick
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            WendyCh Level 1
            Hi Rick,
            Thanks for your reply. I guess I should have given a little more detail with my question. Each one of my builds represents a different product name. They share topics but each is called something different. I'm trying to add browse sequences where the product name is called out. However, I can't have all product names showing for each particular build. Does this make more sense?
            Thanks again!!
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi Wendy

              I'm thinking you could accomplish it by simply creating multiple browse sequence files. Note that these exist as a simple ASCII text file bearing a .BRS file extension. So you could theoretically swap the desired .BRS file in prior to each build. It's a bit on the kludgy side, but should work.

              Just a thought... Rick
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                WendyCh Level 1
                Thank you!
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                  bdeeb Level 1
                  Hi Wendy:

                  It seems you are having the same problem that I did. I have different User Guides however some of the Guides may have the same procedure. I was trying to setup the search so only one of the topics would return on the search and not 3 of them. I found something that actually had to do with RoboHelp x3 but I applied it to RoboHelp x5, where you need to do the following.

                  Create build TAG1 - this is for the ones you do not want search to return.
                  Create build TAG2 - this is for the ones you do want the search to return.

                  Apply the tags accordingly to each procedure accordingly.

                  Make copies of the following files in the WebHelp directorys just incase:

                  Folder WHDATA:

                  Folder WHXDATA:

                  Folder WHGDATA

                  GENERATE PRIMARY LAYOUT (This should be set to Webhelp)
                  1. Define the Conditional Build Expressioin to exclude topics that are not wanted in the search:
                  A. Click the Define button.
                  This wil bring up the Define Conditional Build Tag Expression dialog.
                  B. Click the Advance button.
                  C. Click the Not button.
                  D. Select TAG1 from the drop-down list of Available Conditional Build Tags.
                  E. Click the Add Tag button.
                  F. Click OK
                  G. Select your WebHelp Options, and then click Finish.

                  When you pull up your test or Dev site and perform a search you should only come up with one topic. I just finished this and it worked. Also, as a reminder I am working in x5 and not x7.

                  Good Luck,