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    Scannning to fillable?

    robert sherwood

      I have a new macbook, and a cannon 922 printer scanner, and need to make flat forms into fillable forms which I can print and submit to customers.

      Which Adobe product would help me best accomplish this?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Just to clarify - you would like to take a form that is not fillable (scan, image, non-fillable PDF etc) and make it into a fillable PDF that you would fill out yourself and then print to paper and send out?


          If that is the workflow then Acrobat XI would be the solution for your purpose, it can auto-recognize and create form fields from flat forms.  This would create a PDF that you could fill out and print. 


          Let me know if I didn't understand the workflow and I will try again;-)




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            robert sherwood Level 1

            Thank you Josh, you have the workflow exactly right. I suspected that  acrobat XI was the solution, however thought it a good idea to get some input prior to purchasing the program. One of my customers is requiring my invoices to be submitted along with an " application for payment" form which consists of 7 individual pages, the only copy of which is on paper, in a three ring binder. I would like to scan those 7 pages into a fillable PDF form (or perhaps I should say into seven idividual PDF's) which I can then print and submit along with my invoice.


            Thank You, Robert