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    Timeline and Project Bin Clip Names Not Linked


      I realize I could get booed out of the room for mentioning FCP7, but one painful issue I'm encountering with an imported project from Final Cut is that once a clip is put into a timeline, its name is not updated inthe timeline when the project clip name is updated.


      I took over a project that has numerous subclips with long, long names.  The prior editor did not use any metadata fields except for subclip names, so the names read like short stories.  These long names create a lot of visual distraction in the interface and result in interface tabs that are so long they hide the remaining tabs in the source window.


      In FCP 7 I would simply rename a clip and each incidence of that clip/subclip in the timeline would update at the same time.  It was beautiful and elegant.


      I'd love to hear the logic as to why PP doesn't operate this way.  In our imperfect world it's not possible to control what previous editors have done before a handoff, epecially now with lots of legacy XML coming into PP and AVID from old Final Cut Projects.


      I can think of a number of other scenarios for which linking the names timeline and project clips would be a huge help (changes to a project scope, user error, etc). 


      I should ask:  am I overlooking a setting in the preferences or something?  Anyone else run into this issue?