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    What am I missing here: Canopus ADVC110 Footage vs. CS6?


      My church uses the subject Canopus device to capture DV (avi) footage to hard disk.  I've successfully edited this footage from this workflow for years in CS4 and CS5 (skipped 5.5).  When CS6 arrived, I attempted to use it, but quickly switched back to CS5 due to the issue I am about to describe.  I want to finally switch over to CS6 now (and to CC soon, I hope), so I very much want to understand what the issue is with CS6.  Here's the issue:


      I've narrowed this down to the original footage AVI files captured from the Canopus. As soon as PP begins to conform the footage, it hangs for a very long time.  Initially, the small preview thumb displays an image.  The conforming progress bar displays (but no progress). But the monitor displays the footage as offline. During this time, any click in the PP window yields a "(not responding)" suffix in the title bar. Eventually, given enough time, the video footage appears and scrubs, but without audio, the audio waveform, and with no conforming progress bar.  There are no error messages during this time.  Given the time consumed and lack of audio, I have not proceeded any further in the edit.


      I suspect this is a x64 codec issue with the Canopus.  Does anyone have experience with this workflow and this problem?  Is the solution software or hardware?  Do I need to replace the Canopus?  If so, I need recommendations please.


      Thank you very much.


      HP z800

      WIN 7 Pro x64

      Nvidia Quadro FX 4800

      24GB RAM

      CS5 and CS6 Installed