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    "Access denied" errors in my Adobe Creative Suite CS6 for windows.


      I have just recently had some errors occuring in my Creative Suite CS6 for windows with certain operations.

      I have had my suite since last year and it has only recently started having error problems.


      My Suite has full administrative permissions and I have reinstalled it twice.

      I have tried to fix my Photoshop and Illustrator errors by preference resets but no change.


      I have looked at similar errors in the support forums and have come to no fixes.


      This is what I have come across




      Photoshop CS6 "save for web" feature says "error, oparation could not be performed. Access denied".


      Adobe Bridge CS6 error occurs when I try to close it, if I keep clicking on it eventually works.


      My Illustrator CS6 error occurs when I try to close the program, the actual button to close the program does not function, I have to go to file and exit then it has to close itself by windows force closing.




      They a very odd and I can't understand why now. If it is not my Suite it might my computer.


      I am little afraid to test my other programs however I dont use those programs as frequently since these are my web tools of preference.


      Help would be much appreciated and I hope it is fixable.