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    Dropping dragged object to specic location of Tile Container

    Ajay Prabhakar Barokar Level 1

      Hi All,

      I am facing a problem in drag and drop application. Tehe problem is that when i am dragging the HBox to Tile container it always adding at last or first position but i want to add to specfic location based on existing children of Tile Container i..e when i am dragging the hbox on Tile container i want on which children of Tile container my mouse pointer so that i can get the position of that child and before or after of that particular child.Please use below image for refrence.


      In this example if i am dragging the desig field from field objects list and drop it in between the empno and firstname child on result object tile is is getting added at last in tile container. i am unble to get on which children of tile container the desig fiel drop.

      Thanks in advance.