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    On Placing Text - General Feedback and Experience Request


      Hi everyone.


      Recently I completed a Kindle book made through InDesign, containing some 130 images and over 40,000 words. When I typed the book, I did so using MS Word largely because I wanted automatic management of citations, which I did using a Zotero plugin. The writing process was as good as any writing process could ever be, but once I began placing the text (as a Word document) into InDesign, I quickly experienced the "love-hate" relationship described by David Blatner in one of his courses.


      I suffered a tremendous amount of trouble when placing the Word docs into InDesign. After I completed the book and placed it into InDesign, and then formatted it properly for ePub, the Table of Contents would not generate. Each time I attempted to generate the TOC, InDesign crashed. Eventually I grew tired of that experience so I pasted all of the Word text into Notepad++, saved a new file as a plain text file, and then copied and pasted the plain text into InDesign and then manually reformatted the entire book, replacing each individual image.


      The result of my labor was an InDesign book with clean code that exported to ePub without any trouble at all. So I'm very happy that I was able to complete the project.


      Now, I need to do it again, so I wanted to ask for your general feedback on your experience of placing text into InDesign.


      Is there a special way you have developed to keep everything as clean as possible to reduce the chances of unexpected problems from occuring?


      I can write a book using Apache Open Office as easily as I can Word. If I use Apache Open Office and save the book to RTF and place it, would I get a cleaner InDesign file than if I saved and placed the RTF using Word?


      I'm just seeking general feedback that may help ease my future workload.