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    Cant open CS6 with CC


      I really hope someone can help me here.

      I have a huge project for a huge client that I have to make some changes on later this month.

      The AE project is 12 mb, but the project folder with all the avid AAF files, C4D renders etc is 194 gigs. I brought the project folder back out of storage onto my local drive, but now the project won't open. I am now on version CC, the project is CS6.


      Ive tried everything I can think of, but to no avail. When I try to open it, the "open project" window opens, the bar sits at 1%, then nothing more. I have to crash stop it. I have also tried importing into a new project; same thing. I thought perhaps because the footage is much, it might take a while, so left it going overnight. In the morning still not open.

      I fear it has something to do with the Avid AAF files. Is there some trick with CC to open a CS6 file with AAF footage?


      Please Help! This is really worrying...



      P.S. I can open an AAF file in a new project.