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    HUDGE compiler problem with Flex Builder 3 beta 3


      I've a Flex solution, containing:
      * One Flex library with some controls named controls
      * One Flex library with some other controls named graphics
      * One Flex project using the library controls

      With the Flex Builder 3 Beta 3, sometimes (9 times on 10) the compiler doesn't use the last version of the source code. Maybe it doesn't compile anything, I don't know. For example, today I changed my source code 10 times and Flex Builder is using only the first one!!!! The SWF file is updated but without the latest changes !

      I don't know why, I've tried to change Flex Builder configuration but without any results.

      So I can't do anything with it and I can't go the Beta 2 version (because project files seems to be updated by the beta 3)

      Any idea?