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    Project Filter Bin not retrieving the same results between identical projects.

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      I work as an editor for an educational company. A course I'm working on now consists of 7 levels with 5 - 10 lessons/sequences each. To better manage the course, each level will be a in different project. So level 1 would be in projectname_1.pproj, level 2 would be projectname_2.pproj etc.


      Before I started any actual editing, I went through all 1500 clips (5D and 600D 1080p) in projectname_1.pproj and added descriptions to each one. So I ended up with a blank project with nothing in it but logged and organised clips. I then saved that project under 7 different names so I had a template for levels 1 to 7 of the course


      In the original project I created the template in (level 1) I managed to power through edits because I found it very easy to find the exact shot I was looking for by typing keywords into the Project Filter Bin box.


      However, when I try do the same thing in a level 2 project (which was saved from the level 1 project and contains all the same clips and decriptions, literally nothing differing from level 1's project) I'm finding that the same results are not being retrieved by the search.


      For example, in the level 1 project I could search for "guest" and 247 clips tagged with the word "guest" would come up. In the level 2 project, the same term only brings up 3 or 4 results. This is really making things difficult. I'm assuming it may have something to do with the indexing of the project and Ppro getting confused by the slightly differing project file names.


      Is there any way I can re-index all the clips in a project so that the search works as it should? I've tried cleaning the Media Cache but that hasn't helped.


      Any advice would be much appreciated!