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    InDesign Book, synchronization, opening a single file

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      Re: IDCC


      Question 1


      One of the .indb files that I created has about 20+ individual .indd files. Each time I make a change to a single .indd and then save, the .indb file automatically begins a synchronization process and I can't do anything until it is complete.


      I would like to leave the book file open when I work, but this automatic synchronization is impeding my work process.


      Is it possible for me to turn off the automatic synchronizaton?


      I've looked through various areas in the program and if the option is present, have overlooked it, and I've also looked in the Help, and if it's there, I missed it there, too.


      Question 2


      Quite frequently when I attempt to open a single document from a book, ALL of the book individual documents open.


      What measures do I need to take to ensure that I open only one single document within a book, and not accidentially open all of them?