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    Custom lens profile not working


      I decided to create a custome lens profile for my old Canon EF 17-35 2.8 L USM lens. I downloaded the Adobe Lens Profile creator and studied documentation. After figuring out it is time taking process I finally decided to shoot over 500 hundred images with the lens in RAW format with my 5D Mark III.


      First I was a little too optimistic and imported all the photos to ALPC without separating them to distance groups. I shot 9 photo sets with apertures 2.8, 4, 5.6 and 8, focal lengths 17,  20, 24, 28 and 35 from 3 different distances. The ALPC created the profile ok (there were some skipped photos) and I can select that profile both in LR5.2 and PS CC. However nothing changes in the picture when I select that profile. I read the documentation again and decided to start again with just one set of 9 pictures (17mm, 8.0, one shooting position) profile gets created and is selectable in LR and PS, but it affects nothing. Even if the target photo (RAW) is shot with different focal length or aperture, shouldn't the approximation used then and some visual change to be seen?


      What am I doing wrong?